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Women’s Soccer Clinches Playoff Spot

The Kalamazoo College Women’s Soccer team clinched a playoff berth on Tuesday night against Calvin College. (KSI)

The Kalamazoo College Women’s Soccer team hasn’t stopped winning games since Oct. 8. This past Tuesday, Oct. 28, Calvin scored first at MacKenzie Field, but a very fervent crowd cheered the Hornets to victory.

The game ended at 2-1, after K team recovered from losing to Calvin last month on Sept. 27. Following a 3-0 victory against Adrian last week, this win marks a four week streak. The night marked the team’s thirteenth victory, and the season also includes one tie against Albion, and additional loses to Trine University on Sept. 8 and Alma College on Oct. 4.

“Everyone was nervous that we weren’t going to make it back,” said Clare Jensen ’17 who attended the game. “It was really intense: both teams were very aggressive, fouls that should have been called were not called, and people pushing each other down.”

Madison Moote ’18 shot the first goal which set the score even, and Madison Chilcote ’17 made the final goal.

After one of the Hornets was tackled, people in the stands were yelling “it’s not rugby.” More students attended this soccer game, who stood at the front of the fence and screamed during the game’s tense moments.

The Hornets have a record of 10-3-1 in the Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association (MIAA) conference, which secures them at least second place in it as well as at least one home MIAA Tournament game.

The Women’s Soccer Team next faces Hope on Nov. 1 and Alma on Nov. 3.

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Women’s Soccer Clinches Playoff Spot