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Winter Quarter Welcomes New StuOrgs

Getting bored on campus? Two new clubs were created this winter and they both offer ways to have fun, exercise, and build new skills.

For those who need a little stretch, Danielle Purkey‘16, a 500 hour registered yoga instructor, alongside with Rachel Leider’15 have instated a yoga student organization that is new to Kalamazoo College this winter.

For Danielle, yoga has provided a place to check in emotionally, spiritually, and religiously. The practice helps to keep her rooted. Danielle’s benefits from yoga lie in the stuorg’s mission.

The clubs intention is to provide students with a yoga space to practice and relieve stress in a casual environment that is student-run.

Some perks is that it is a free organization and you’re welcome to come as often as you want to, making it very flexible to fit into a busy student’s schedule and affordable for the typically broke college student.

The meetings always start with breathing practices and finishes with shavasana, but the rest is held up for interpretation so that participants have the ability to tailor the practice to what they want to work on or what they are feeling.

Participants also have an opportunity to lead the practices if they want to. The stu org meets in the beautiful and peaceful Stetson Chapel on Wednesdays from 7:30-8:30 p.m..

Interested in learning how to kick some butt? Mason Higby’17 has created a new marital arts stu-org on campus.

For Mason, martial arts has changed his life by making him a better person for himself, his family, and his community.

Mason has trained for six years in Budokan, or martial arts with West Michigan Martial Arts and Holistic Health and where he has recently attained his black belt and is currently training for 20 hours a week.

Taking his experience and values towards the martial arts, Mason has created a free, student-run club at Kalamazoo College. Anyone from any skill level can join the club.

The club is intended to provide an avenue for people to enrich their lives and to learn life protective skills. Testing will be administered and thus a belt is for purchase, although it is not a requirement.

The club meets on Tuesdays at 8:15 in the East Banquet Hall. No Uniform or belt is needed, however a good heart and the desire to have fun and run an enriched life are required.

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Winter Quarter Welcomes New StuOrgs