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What Are Your Summer Plans?

Summer is the time to relax from the stress and rigor of coursework jammed into ten weeks. The sun is out, there are many holidays to celebrate and endless opportunities to spend time with family and friends. Summer is also the time when everyone has the most fun all year.

K students were asked how they plan to spend their summer. The most common answers were working at a summer job, spending most of everyday sleeping, staying sane while living with their parents, and staying out late every night embracing the cool summer air and the adrenaline rush that summer nights bring.

“This summer I plan to have as much fun as possible partying with my family and friends before I leave for study abroad in Costa Rica at the end of the summer. I know every night this summer will be one to remember or not remember,” said Karishma Singh ‘19.

Some students plan to take a more studious route for the summer because they love school so much and they can’t imagine a day without walking into a classroom, taking out a pen and taking notes to pass the time.

“I feel most comfortable in a classroom. Listening to a professor lecture is a good time for me. I spend my summer nights studying for class because I know that every test counts. Summer classes for my major help me get ahead in credits so I can take fun classes at K like underwater basket weaving, Sahara biking and mountain yoga,” said Ethel Mogilevsky ‘18.

For graduating seniors, now is the time to move out into the big, bad “real world”.

“I will be moving back home and will be living at home for a while. I am just going to try not to lose my mind living with my parents after being independent for four years. I can see it now and I’m dreading being their little girl again living at home. I plan to take a deep breathing class to help me with the stressful situations I know will arise. I will be working a big girl job during the week but I will still party it up on the weekends with my friends like the good old college days,” said Kaitlyn Courtenay ‘17.

Whatever you plan to do for the summer, there are many other K students who plan to do the same things as you whether it be traveling and crashing on strangers couches in different countries, doing crazy things with friends, making dough at work, or just sleeping, eating and repeating.

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What Are Your Summer Plans?