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Website Redesign Provides Facelift for The Index

April 1st presided over the next step in The Index’s latest foray into the digital frontier. The Index unveiled its redesigned website, intended to provide a refined reading experience for readers.

Page navigation is now organized around story cards. Each clickable card features a large image that contextualizes its underlying article, helping to tell a story.

The enhanced experience also is intended to maximize screen real estate usage and declutter pages so that readers can turn their focus to what matters: the content. Menu layouts are now much more sensible, and the entire website easily adapts to mobile devices.

While the website has undergone a maturing process, it remains true to the brand’s key design elements. Readers should feel right at home, even though the house is cleaner.

In the three years since the online presence’s inception, content has been featured in three distinct online mediums. This fourth iteration—a more mature and permanent stage in our publication’s evolution—was developed with longevity in mind. The website is adaptable to new content media and its operation should be foolproof to future editorial staff members. Accessibility has also been taken into consideration, with carefully selected typefaces and color palettes intended to promote legibility.

Readers should feel right at home, even though the house is cleaner.

“One of our long term goals is to make the website ADA compliant,” shared Graham Key ’16, the website’s original and primary designer. As the internet grows to become a more inclusive space for users of all needs, The Index will be on the cutting edge of accessibility and user experience.

“We also reduced some backend bloat, improving website performance. The redesign extends beyond a facelift, as we’ve really tried to optimize everything,” says Key.

Read Graham Key’s Letter to the Editor.

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Website Redesign Provides Facelift for The Index