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Voter Registration in Hicks

Voter Registration to take place in Hicks [Andrew Parsons / The Index] Voter Registration to take place in Hicks [Andrew Parsons / The Index]

Calling all Kalamazoo College students with U.S. citizenship! Are you registered to vote? If not, swing by the Hicks Center tomorrow, Wednesday, September 21, where K will be offering voter registration between 11:00AM and 1:00PM.

Not a permanent resident of Michigan? Out-of-staters can apply for an absentee ballot and thereby vote in their home state’s elections. Absentee ballots are received and submitted via mail instead of voting in person.

Don’t plan on voting in the presidential election? While the timeliness of this event correlates well with this year’s upcoming presidential election, there are other upcoming elections in which you may want to participate. Elections for both the Senate and House of Representatives, will take place in November, right around the corner! For whichever election you choose to partake in, make sure to sign up before the voter registration deadline. In Michigan, that means 30 days before the election, but deadlines are unique to each state so make sure to check out your home state’s policy.

For further information on voting as a student, check out https://www.rockthevote.com/ and take a moment to stop by Hicks tomorrow!

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Voter Registration in Hicks