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The Victory Lab: Political Journalist Sasha Issenberg Discusses Presidential Campaign

Last Tuesday, the political science department hosted an event in the Olmsted Room which focused on political journalist Sasha Issenberg’s book The Victory Lab–a cutting edge social analysis of political campaigning. Olmsted was full of students, faculty, and staff that were fully engaged in Issenberg’s examination.

When asked why she chose to attend the event Madison Triplett K’19 said, “it was an extra credit opportunity for my class and I know it was for a lot of other students as well, but the topic is really interesting especially with the upcoming election. I learned a lot while I was here and I’m happy that I was able to make it.”

For a lot of our students, this will be the first time that they are legally eligible to vote in the presidential election. Gaining an understanding of the campaigning process, especially as it is going on before their eyes truly puts a lot of what Issenberg has to say into perspective.

During his speech Issenberg reflected on not only this election but the past few presidential elections and helped everyone gain a better understanding of the economic resources as well as the political knowledge and strategy that it takes to win an election.

Emily Kowey K’17 reflected on the amount of money that is spent on campaigning as well as the impact that Issenberg’s speech has had on her personally. She said, “It really is a lot of money. I knew that campaigning was expensive and that it took a lot of time and money but a billion dollars is really a lot of money. And, I guess this speech helped me understand more about the campaigning process in general. There are lots of details that he highlighted that I may have thought of but never was able to fully articulate.”

“Our school could not have asked Sasha Issenberg to come speak at a better time. With presidential debates underway in a fiercely competitive and seemingly dichotomous election, the future of our nation is truly in the hands of all of those who choose to vote,” Jessica Magaña K’17 said. “And, everyone who is able to vote should do it out of regard for those who fought historically for voting rights, pushing forth an ideal version of the US through the presidency, and individually exercising our own power.”

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The Victory Lab: Political Journalist Sasha Issenberg Discusses Presidential Campaign