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Ultimate Choice: Frisbee Season Opens at K

After walking to the fields, the smell of freshly cut grass and fresh dog poop bring memories of running, throwing discs and yelling at each other. A new fall season of Ultimate started again, and not only at Kalamazoo College, but at universities and colleges throughout the country.

When practice started we warmed by jogging, and we realized laying in the sun all summer didn’t get us in shape. We taught the rookies how to throw while we looked around and realized half of our experienced players are all abroad and the other half are working on their SIPs.

The rebuilding starts again. Last year’s captains had their strategy, and this year three more captains think they can do it better. These are common struggles for teams across the country and divisions.

University of Colorado’s Mamabird team is looking for a repeat at winning Division I college nationals while Bentley University wants to win the DIII nationals. Before all the high level teams can get their full squads, however, they have to reach Club Nationals (the highest level of the sport of Ultimate, Oct 16-19).

As for our beloved Kalamazoo College teams: the women’s team, Queen Beez, want to improve their fourth place finish at Great Lakes DIII sectionals; the men’s Ultimate Buzz want to bounce back from their seventh place performance at Illinois DIII sectionals. For the past couple of years, the Beez has been improving with each year, and last year they came in third in their section.

Buzz made it to the Great Lakes Regionals consistently for years past, and losing at sectionals last year was a huge disappointment. Both teams decided to keep close by weekly scrimmages called the Kalamazoo College Ultimate Frisbee (KCUF).
Anyone of any level of experience can come out to practice and learn how to play. The Queen Beez practice Tuesdays and Thursdays at the new IM fields, and the Ultimate Buzz practice Mondays and Thursdays at Davis St. Fields. The first tournament is during the weekend of third week, so wish us luck.

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Ultimate Choice: Frisbee Season Opens at K