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TV Producer John Davies Returns to K, Feels Inspired

When John Davies K’75 left the college he headed straight into the broadcast and entertainment television world, and never looked back. Since entering the world of television, Davies has worked as a producer, director, and writer. He has produced 29 pieces, and is in the process of working on another.

Two courses short of completing his degree, Davies decided to take a job in Battle Creek at the television station. “I didn’t graduate, but I was close. Only my mother regretted me not finishing, for me I had an opportunity.”

Although Davies would not urge other students to take the same route as him, he never felt remorse about his decision.

“Every situation is different, in my case it made sense, it worked out great for me” Davies said. “It’s all up to the individual situation.”

While at K he most appreciated the people he was surrounded by.

“I met a very diverse group of people form all over the U.S. and even all over the world,” Davies said. “That was great for me being a kind of sheltered Midwestern guy.”

Along with the students, Davies appreciated the liberal arts education that he was able to explore.

“I took a very liberal arts route. I took all different kinds of classes, and that has totally informed my work as a filmmaker.” Liberal arts courses allowed Davies to delve into many of his different passions, a skill he continues today, he said.

Every few years Davies comes back to the East coast and Kalamazoo. While in the area he likes to sit in on K’s documentary courses. “When I come back to K, like I just did, I’m inspired by the young people that I meet.”

Davies said that seeing the potential in K students inspires him, it renews his hope in the future of the broadcasting world.

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TV Producer John Davies Returns to K, Feels Inspired