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Trailblazing Pre-Law Youth Walks Among Us

Justin Trollman is ready to take the world by storm! (Courtesy Photo)

Here at Kalamazoo College, the idea of major selection can appear daunting to most scholars. This is certainly not the case with Justin Trollman ’17. Trollman stumbled upon his destiny quite unexpectedly in the comments section on the Konfessions page of Facebook.

Justin Trollman is one of many crusaders out to inform our public on important topics that include their personal opinion and how they feel. Trollman uses “statistics” and “studies” to back up his information. Of course most of his research is very confidential so he can only say “studies show” or “statistically speaking,” and you simply have to understand that they are coming from a reputable source that you will never be able to find.

Trollman recently entered into a verbal skirmish on the topic of fund allocation on campus. His obscure, most likely well-researched, comments landed him in the position of victor over all other online debate competitors. When asking other commenter Justice Fisher ’16 about the discussion with Trollman she described his rebuttals as “unfounded” and that “most of his information came out of nowhere and made no sense.” Young trailblazers are often very misunderstood, as is the case here with Trollman.

Looking through all of Trollman’s comments, one can see he gets an astonishing amount of likes. One of these likes comes from Betsy Trollman, Justin Trollman’s grandmother. When asked about Justin, she explained that he is “a spirited young man with a bright future in law.” Upon further investigation the other four likes were found to be from Trollman’s cousin and three other accounts Betsy Trollman had made to support Trollman in all his online endeavors.

With a cult following such as this it is hard to envision Trollman doing anything else but following a pre-law track. Trollman simply understands logic and debate better than the average young adult. He has mastered the nuanced forms of debate that conclude with hurtful, irrelevant insult about someone he has never met.

Trollman always knows his opponents better than they know themselves or the topic they are discussing. The information simply comes to him almost in a divine fashion where the idea arises out of nowhere. It is a true gift, something that would well-accommodate an aspiring law student.

If a student here at K feels strongly about something and are equipped with vast amounts of research on which to base their opinion, they would be well-advised not to go up against Trollman.

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Trailblazing Pre-Law Youth Walks Among Us