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Title IX Changing of the Guard

Stacy Nowicki (pictured) announced her departure on April 29 (via Kalamazoo College)

On April 29, Kalamazoo College students received an email stating that Stacy Nowicki would be stepping down from her role as Title IX Coordinator on April 30. They were also informed that the following day Renee Boelcke, Director of Human Resources, would be taking her place.

While serving as coordinator, Nowicki helped to design an informative Title IX web page that communicated the College’s Title IX obligations to the K community.

According to the Kalamazoo College Title IX web page, Title IX prohibits discrimination based on gender of students and employees at educational institutions that receive federal financial assistance. It incorporates every step of education including counseling, financial aid, student health and student behavior involving sexual harassment.

The Coordinator is in charge of enforcing the creation of policies and procedures designed to ensure College adherence to Title IX, reviewing College policies and modifications that relate to Title IX and serving as a resource for College faculty, staff, and students when a policy related to Title IX is not being properly administered.

Boelcke recognizes the need for the College to thoroughly review every process and program set in place and Title IX will be assessed in the same manner.

“The College believes that we are in reasonable shape related to these issues overall, and that we have opportunities for improvement in working toward the goal of a consistently respectful climate at K,” said Boelcke. “The College is weighing these factors along with the need to remain compliant with regulatory changes, should there be changes.”

Despite the changing of the guard in Title IX management, the need for adherence with federal regulation is already set in place for the future. The administration is well aware of the importance of continuity in administering this policy.

“President’s Staff is reassessing various aspects of the Title IX Coordinator role (structure, responsibilities, organization, and administrative “home”) in light of both the continually evolving federal compliance requirements and the opportunity before us to cultivate a climate of sexual respect on campus,” said President Eileen Wilson-Oyelaran. “We anticipate finalizing these decisions during the summer.”

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Title IX Changing of the Guard