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The Hunt For a New Title IX Coordinator

This past week, Kalamazoo College hosted the presentations of the last two candidates for the Coordinator for Community Equity Initiatives. Each candidate, Ashley McNamara and Eric Dye, addressed how working with the Title IX program can ensure a more equitable college campus and the other types of initiatives that can work with Title IX to continue ensuring student’s access and safety, and how K is eligible for Title IX under the Title IX act.

Ashley McNamara, as the current Program Coordinator of Educational Outreach and Conduct Investigations at the University of Arkansas, has had extensive work dealing with sexual misconduct in a collegiate setting, and has gone through a substantial amount of webinars and seminars dealing with student conduct and Title IX training.

McNamara, who has spent the last 2.5 years of her 6 years working in Student conduct devoted to Title IX investigation, stated that “[Title IX] now includes daily and domestic violence and stalking” while still addressing sexual harassment and misconduct.

Emphasizing her past experience working with cases that involve all the things Title IX addresses and the need for someone who will be mentally and emotionally prepared to work with these cases, she stated, “I’m a really resilient person, so I’m someone who can be here and be here for a long time and do this work really well.”

Eric Dye, the opposing applicant, currently a Law Clerk for the Kalamazoo County 9th Circuit Court, also has an expansive background on issues pertaining to sex, sexuality, sex-based discrimination, sexual orientation and the law, and civil rights laws.

As a lawyer, Dye pointed out that he has done a lot of work with “interpreting laws and drafting laws” and he believes that this would “be really helpful for the Title IX coordinator at K College.”

“I would be able to look at what the federal law is on Title IX and interpret it for myself,” Dye said. “[It’s] important to coordinate and collaborate with other agencies and organizations like the association of Title IX administrators and see how they are interpreting in and see if that’s right and tailor what’s going on to how it can work for K.”

The Presentations are available for viewing through the Hornet Hive followed by a survey for students to give their opinions on which candidate effectively addressed the topics of the interviews.

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The Hunt For a New Title IX Coordinator