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The Day of Anxious Living

The Day of Gracious Living, or DOGL, is a day so ingrained in campus tradition that I wouldn’t be surprised to find it etched in stone on Trowbridge. It sounds like a great idea.

One night you find out there aren’t any classes the next day and you have a chance to enjoy yourself. It was probably a great time, at first.

This year was my first DOGL. While I’ll admit that neither beaches nor surprises really do it for me, I can certainly enjoy a day off, as can everyone. The problem, though, comes when you know the day is coming, which we all do.

During the spring, we come to expect that, on a nice sunny day, we all stop working and go to the beach. When the expectation gets placed on the existence of a beach day, we plan for it, but we can’t practically plan for it, and that causes problems.

Spring quarter is quite stressful and break days are very welcome stress relief. Not knowing when that break will come, however, creates more stress.

Professors can’t be sure when to schedule assignments and tests, and students stress about when things need to be done by.

Everyone speculates on when DOGL will be and then gets upset when it’s not a certain day.

There’s a lot of stress in the days leading up to exactly when DOGL will be, and this could all easily be fixed by setting a DOGL day.

If the weather doesn’t work then, the day can change. So long as people know generally when it will be, it can be planned around.

This doesn’t ruin the idea of DOGL. People can enjoy the beach with advance notice, and we all could enjoy the days leading up to it without trying to practice reading into the future.

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The Day of Anxious Living