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The Datin’ Zoo Pairs Up Possible Couples, Fails to Take Off

J-Daddy and Mabel exchange awkward giggles on their Datin’ ‘Zoo blind date in Jazzman’s | Photo by Hannah Daly

Campus is abuzz with springtime romance!  Last week the Sexual Health Awareness Group, in partnership with the Student Activities Committee, unveiled Kalamazoo College’s dating website. The site, called The Datin’ ‘Zoo, can be accessed through the portal. The site is a response to a recent survey in which several Hornets cited disappointment in K’s dating scene.

So far a total of eight bachelors and bachelorettes, half of the campus’ eligible singles, have logged onto the site and filled out the interest survey. Of those who logged on, three have dated at least two other users, one is gay and one was conducting research for her Anthropology/Sociology paper.

The two remaining users, Clarissa Dean and Derrick Lee, were paired together as “matches,” and arranged to meet for a blind date at The Strutt.

“I was so nervous,” said first year Dean. “I looked him up on Facebook, and we only had six friends in common; we are basically total strangers!” When the two met on Sunday afternoon, they seemed to hit it off right away.

“I couldn’t believe she liked listening to Bon Iver and doing homework alone in her room too,” said sophomore Lee. “Plus, she was wearing these adorably ironic glasses in her profile picture.”

The date turned sour, however, when conversation moved to academics.  “As soon as Clarissa said she thought Kant was a scientific essentialist, I knew things wouldn’t work out,” said Lee. “I mean, I just can’t see myself spending time with someone who rejects the Prolegomena.”

In hopes of improving the site’s reputation, more Student Activities Fee dollars will be allocated to improving The Datin’ ‘Zoo’s interface.

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The Datin’ Zoo Pairs Up Possible Couples, Fails to Take Off