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The Ball is Rolling

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What do you think is happening? What is your interpretation of the ending? Is it a real ball or is it symbolic and what does the symbol represent? Those were the questions Dr. Siu-Lan Tan posed to me after watching the animated short ‘Ball’. I highly recommend that you do the same.

Click here for the video.

When Tan saw the short, one of her first instincts was to share it with her first-year seminar ‘Creativity.’ They soon started a project to collect over 100 responses from persons ages 3-81and while there were common themes among certain age groups, they found that almost all of the responses were unique.

Tan also noted that in the three weeks it took her class to pursue the project, she saw her class gain a lot through their noteworthy discoveries.

For her interview with one of the co-creators, John Baxa ’09, as well as some of the interpretations of the short and more of Dr. Tan’s work, click on the links below.

Interpretations of the animation short

Interview with John Baxa


Credit for the animation short goes to John Baxa, Phillip Chung, Hongsa Chen and Victor Qin.

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The Ball is Rolling