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TEDx Kalamazoo College Hopes to Inspire Campus

(Tedx Kalamazoo)

Two days before Christmas, Tanush Jagdish ’18, applied for an application with TEDx to try and get the event at Kalamazoo College. He didn’t think the application would be passed so quickly because it usually takes months for them to be processed.

“We are so lucky,” said Jagdish of the application process.

Another first year student, Olivia Gaines ’18, heard about Tanush’s plans and wanted to get involved. She was trying to get a similar project called Ignite, which include 5 minute videos and events, to come to campus and thought that this would be perfect.

“At K, there aren’t a lot of students sharing their stories,” said Gaines. “Community Reflection is somewhat a space but there isn’t more of it.”

The team consists of students, mostly first years and most of students were involved with Society for Conversations in Research (SCAR). They have received some faculty and staff support from Provost Mickey McDonald, Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Student Involvement Brian Dietz, and Vice President for Student Development and Dean of Students Sarah Westfall, as well as many others.

“This is a great way for students to connect with faculty,” said Gaines. “Students learn skills that they want to know, gain more connections and share knowledge.”

TEDxKalamazooCollege hopes to go with the TED logo “ideas worth spreading” and create a more interdisciplinary atmosphere on campus.

“There is no overlap,” said Noah Mishkind ’18, another organizer of the event. “People just stay in their departments. Math SIPs aren’t presented to Theatre majors and vice versa.”

The group plans to have 100 attendees at the event, to keep in line with TEDx protocol. Currently the set date is May 15, 2015, with hopes to have the event in Nelda Balch Playhouse.

“The event should not go above $3,500,” said Nick Swain ’18, who is a part of the finance team. “We are applying for many grants to finance the event.”

Students can recommend themselves or anyone to speak by going to the website, http://www.tedxkalamazoocollege.com/. Anyone can join the team by attending the meetings on Tuesdays at 7:30 p.m. in Hicks Banquet Hall.

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TEDx Kalamazoo College Hopes to Inspire Campus