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Tedx is Fast Approaching

With TedxKalamazooCollege on May 16, less than two weeks away, co-organizer Tanush Jagdish ’18 can barely contain his excitement even as the workload intensifies.

“Right now we’re working on so many things,” says Jagdish. “We are working on tickets, our designs, tech rehearsals, camera angles, sound quality and making sure the video stream comes out perfect.”

Making sure everything is just right is very important for Jagdish and his two co-organizers, Noah Mishkind ’18 and Olivia Gaines ’18.

They have emphasized throughout the preparation process that they want K to look as good nationally over live stream as it does to all those who know it here in the local community.

“Here at K there are a lot of intelligent professors and passionate students, we want everyone to see that,” says Jagdish.

Anyone around the world with internet access will be able to live stream the event from TedxKalamazooCollege’s website. While only 100 seats are available for the event this year, there will be a special live streaming in Dewing for those not awarded tickets. The live streaming in Dewing on May 16 will offer free food for anyone attending.

For all those who applied for tickets, the results will come out sometime during sixth week. Jagdish hopes that 70 to 80 students and  5 or 6 faculty members will be admitted. The remaining seats are for special guests of each speaker.

The event will have eight speakers in total, including two current students, five faculty, and one alumnus. Each of their speaking topics is listed on the TedxKalamazooCollege website.

Although the first TedxKalamazooCollege event hasn’t even happened yet, the current team already has begun thinking about the future.

“It’s for sure going to happen every year [that I’m here],” said Jagdish. He hopes this year’s event goes so well that in the future they will be able to admit any students who want to attend, not just 70 to 80.

As important as Tedx has been this year and will be in the future, Jagdish enjoyed taking a moment to reflect on how it really matters.

“The greatest thing that has come out of this is that everyone involved has already learned so much,” he says. “It has really been the greatest education for me.”

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Tedx is Fast Approaching