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StuOrg Spotlight

StuOrg Spotlight: K Team Creates Body Positive Workouts

K-Team ready to exercise [Photo courtesy of Maddie Tracey '17 and Kaitlyn Perkins '17]. K-Team ready to exercise [Photo courtesy of Maddie Tracey '17 and Kaitlyn Perkins '17].

The Fitness Center isn’t the only innovative aspect of K’s exercise scene this year. This fall, K Team, a StuOrg dedicated to offering free, body positive exercise classes to K students, is striving to change workout culture on campus. The group meets at the Anderson Weight Room on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 7 a.m. to 8 a.m., and offers a variety of classes such as yoga, meditation, and boot camp.

“We’re not here to change your body or lose a ton of weight,” Kaitlyn Perkins, K’17, a K Team leader, said. “We’re here to have fun and feel good. You should work out because it makes you feel great.”

The club emphasizes its inclusive and encouraging environment, as well as the aspect of convenience. Unlike gym classes at K or at local businesses, there is no mandatory time commitment and no charge for students to attend.

“It’s what’s best for your schedule and for your body,” Maddie Tracey, K’17, another K Team leader, said.

A group of four seniors leads the K Team in different exercises each meeting, and the club plans on inviting other fitness instructors as guest teachers in the future. K Team currently has around twelve students attending morning workouts, and they hope that more students join them as the term continues.

“It’s taken four years for me to feel this comfortable going into the gym on my own and knowing what exercises to do…K Team can act as a supportive group to learn about these different workouts,” Tracey said.

Tracey and Perkins were involved in an informal exercise group their first year at K, and this positive experience inspired them to create a formal StuOrg for free and inclusive physical fitness classes. The club plans on expanding their weekly workouts to include registering for local 5ks together and starting K Team dinners in order to take a more whole-body approach to health and self-care.

“I think trying to change exercise culture into one that is inclusive, body positive, and holistic at K is very important,” Tracey said.

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StuOrg Spotlight: K Team Creates Body Positive Workouts