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StuOrg Showcase Features Diverse Performances

Frelon performes a dance to a song entitled “Movements” (Maria Feijoo / The Index) Frelon performes a dance to a song entitled “Movements” (Maria Feijoo / The Index)

This year’s Fall Student Organization Showcase, “If You’ve Got It, Haunt It,” featured music, dance, poetry, and comedy from ten student organizations on campus, including Frelon, Kalama-Africa, The Asian Pacific Islander Student Association (APISA), Cirque du K, and two a cappella groups.

The Kalamadudes, K’s all-male a cappella group, were conspicuously absent from the weekend’s performances, but Premium Orange and the Limelights each performed, featuring soloists Emily Salswedel K’16 and Daria Lewis K’16, respectively.

Queens, featuring Kalkidian Amare K’18, Monét Foster K’18, Patricia LaCaze K’18, Kat Russel K’18, and Aunye Scott-Anderson K’18, performed “Refining Love,” a medley of songs and spoken word poetry.

Groups from Frelon, K’s student-led dance company, performed seven dances from several different genres, including an adaptation of the Tango Roxanne from the movie “Moulin Rouge,” belly dancing, and Afro-fusion.

Earlier this quarter, Frelon directors Oluchi Ebere K‘18, Andriana Evangelista K‘16, Shadi Larson K‘16, Carlos Arellanos K‘18, Kelly Treharne K‘16, and Billie Heard K‘16 facilitated a discussion about cultural appropriation as it related to previous Frelon performances.

“I think that’s our responsibility as leaders and directors, to be knowledgeable and to understand the consequences of our actions,” Treharne said at the forum on September 28, “especially when Frelon is one of the biggest student organizations on campus.”

As a response to these concerns, the evening’s program included explanations from the choreographers about the history of select dances and why they chose to perform them.

Aside from music and dance, the event also included skits performed by Kalama-Africa that satirized the differences in African and American culture, spoken word poetry by Aunye Scott-Anderson  and Patricia LaCaze, a Halloween-themed performance by Cirque du K, and a K-pop inspired medley from APISA.

The performances were held Saturday, October 31 and Sunday, November 1 in Dalton Theater.

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StuOrg Showcase Features Diverse Performances