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StuGov Reflects Role in New Name

Student Government 2016 poses during weekend retreat. Photo courtesy of Brian Dietz. Student Government 2016 poses during weekend retreat. Photo courtesy of Brian Dietz.

Welcoming the newly renamed Kalamazoo College Student Government–the Kalamazoo Council of Student Representatives! The Council held its first meeting on Tuesday, October 4th, to discuss proceedings of Student Council and how best to structure the student organization.

This title mirrors the organization’s new mission statement, written at Tuesday’s meeting: “We as the Kalamazoo Council of Student Representatives are dedicated to supporting, advocating for, and enriching the Kalamazoo College community. Bridging decision makers and students through representation on campus committees as well as transparent communication, we will advocate for the best interest for the College community as a collective. While appreciating fluid development and growth, we will stay steadfast in strengthening and expanding the influence of the student voice on campus.”

Both title and mission statement were voted into action in Tuesday’s meeting.

Andrew Kim ‘17 explained that the group is intent on “getting rid of titles like “president.’” Instead, the group will turn to three key roles: facilitator, organizer, and minute taker.

He explained that the facilitator will “control the flow of the meeting and be allowed to vote on substantive matters,” the organizer will be in charge of “planning and scheduling the meetings,” and the minute taker will keep records of meeting content and “distribute them to the group.”

Accessibility and transparency of Student Council to all students was a recurring theme throughout the meeting.

“It should be a major goal this year to somehow communicate with the student body and get their input before going into committees,” commented Jessica Penny ‘19.

Karina Duarte ‘18 suggested, “What if we made some sort of blog or updated the teamsite, or a newsletter” to ensure transparency?

Andrew Kaylor ‘17, StuCom alumnus, observed the meeting.

“I think progress has been made and that’s exciting to see,” commented Kaylor. “The body that was here my sophomore year was not ideal for this campus and the new movement [towards focus on Student Representation] will be helpful.”

Student Council will continue to have weekly meetings, currently scheduled for Tuesdays at 8:00PM in the Hicks Banquet Hall. Meetings are open to all students in order to encourage transparency.

In discussing the purpose of this year’s body, Johnson asked the body in a concluding thought. “If we could only do one thing by the end of this year, what would you want to get done?”

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StuGov Reflects Role in New Name