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Student Representatives Meeting Recap: Q+A with Representative

Q: What are the main take home points from last week’s meeting?

A: I think the main take home points were that we finally have a communication committee going, and we are making progress on how we are going to put ourselves out there (more present to the student body). Also, this is the first committee we have formed within the group, and it’s a sign that we have some kind of productive structure in the making.

Q: How can students make their voice heard by the council?

A: Again, we are really hoping that by the time all the ideas we have for the communications committee are concrete and in motion, students will easily be able to voice their concerns/suggestions/comments to us.

Q: What are the types of issues that students and/or student organization leaders can bring to you?

 A: Students and student organization leaders, alike, can bring concerns they have about different issues, and we would try our best, given our positions on faculty/staff committees to bring those issues to the table. We did talk about what else we can do for StuOrgs, but I think we have a long way to go before we can confidently commit to responsibilities in that context. We want to meet with our new President as student representatives at some point down the road, so I’m sure we would have a lot to offer in bridging students and administration. I personally hope that if student organization leaders do think there is something we can offer to them, they feel comfortable letting us know of it.

Q: Can students come to meetings and how active should their role be?

A: Students are more than welcomed and encouraged to come to meetings! We have time allotted for them to say thing. We do recognize that K is a busy place and students have all sorts of commitments, so coming to our meetings might not be accessible to everyone. We definitely addressed this when discussing the responsibilities of our communications committee, so we are hoping to be available through social media so time and physical location isn’t a constraint.

Q: What is the official name of the new Representatives?

A: Our official name is Kalamazoo College Council of Student Representatives (KCCSR). It’s long, but I think we definitely want to move away from “Student Commission” and as we don’t see ourselves as a “governing body”, at least not with our current functionality and capacity, we don’t want the label of Student Government (even if we were elected).

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Student Representatives Meeting Recap: Q+A with Representative