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Student Commission Approves Poetry Collective Request

Jose Olivarez is one of two poets performing at the Kalamazoo Poetry Collective’s event this Friday. The event’s budget was approved by the Student Commission Monday night (Courtesy Photo)

The Student Commission, complete with newly elected members, voted to approve a $2,422.40 budget for the Kalamazoo Poetry Collective’s (KPC) upcoming poetry slam.

Secretary of Finance Amanda Johnson ‘17 explained that the approved budget allocation will be split between the KPC and its co-sponsors: the Latino Student Organization (LSO), and M.E.Ch.A.

According to KPC representative Allison Kennedy ‘15, Friday’s event will feature poets José Olivarez and Ben Alfaro.  Alfaro, a senior at Wayne State University, is not only a poet, but a community organizer and activist as well.  Olivarez, a Harvard graduate living on Chicago’s South Side, is also an organizer and activist as the leader of the Chicago-based poetry collective “Louder than a Bomb.”

Following KPC’s request confirmation, Secretary Johnson reported the Financial Policies Committee’s approval of $975 for the K dance team’s uniform jackets.

After approving the two requests, the Commission’s remaining budget for the year includes $61,361.60 in the general fund, $8,900 in the Commission’s organization fund, and $1,100 in their emergency fund, Johnson said.

During the Information Services Committee report, committee chair Chris Cribbs ‘18 asked Commission members for information on the “Kalamazoo College Classes of 2014-2017” Facebook group.

“The group’s out of date and it would be good to make one that doesn’t have to get taken down every year,” Cribbs said.

Senior commissioner Will Guedes explained that with a documented need for a name change, Facebook will allow a group’s administrator to alter the name, allowing for a seamless transition for the campus’ social media resource.

During the public comment period, former senior commissioner Alex Werder suggested that the Commission send out pre-ballots to the student body.  The measure, Werder suggested, would enable students to better acquaint themselves with candidates and important issues.

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Student Commission Approves Poetry Collective Request