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Student App Receives Corporate Attention

In response to the increasing demand from Kalamazoo College students, mobile app kParty has been developed for Kalamazoo College students to manage and organize their partying schedule.

kParty is a social party application that collects the myriad parties happening on and off K’s campus and assorts them in a beautiful layout, easily manageable by students. The app was developed by Megan Smith K’16, an English and Philosophy major.

The inspiration came to Smith at one 10th week night when she was struggling with to which party she should attend on campus. “There seemed to be so many options, and I didn’t know which to choose,” said Smith. “I had to come up with a solution. I wanted to show that an English major student can be just as productive and involved as a science major,” added Smith.

Much like Facebook, the app collects information about parties and views them to users according to their user’s location and previous party-attendance history. “It is probably the best thing since Twitter,” said Brittany Sewers ’18. “It, like, totally helps me find what I want.”

K students are not the only ones who have been finding the app helpful. Parents have been downloading the app, bringing families together, according to Smith. Janet Thompson ’18 said that her mother no longer annoys her at night when she is getting to know people she admires. “the app saved me from my mom’s embarrassing interruptions. She knows where I am, and that’s all that she needs sometimes,” she added.

Smith faces challenges in enhancing the app’s security and privacy. “One of the users was dumbed because his girlfriend found his party post during the weekend she was home. We are trying to get away from that,” he said.

Resident Assistants still have access to the app, which presents another problem to Smith. “No one is going to use the app if they are going to be busted,” said Smith. “But we don’t want to exclude [RAs] from partying, either. It’s hard to draw the line,” he added.

Western Michigan’s has approaches Smith to discuss the possibility of expanding the application’s scope as to include Western’s campus parties as well. This flattering approach has been met with skepticism, as many doubt the voluminosity of Western’s campus parties.

After his app’s unprecedented debut on the App Store and Google Playbook, Smith has received a fulltime position offer from Microsoft, who wish to hire him as Chief Executive of Staff, a position currently held by Bill Gates’ son.

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Student App Receives Corporate Attention