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StuComm Money is Found Under Couch Cushions 

Secretary of Finance Amanda Johnson ‘17 addresses students during a community forum on the future of the Student Commission during Winter Quarter (Robert Manor / The Index)

Late last Friday after a Zoo After Dark, Janay Johnson ’17 dropped her iPhone between the cushions of the couches on the lower level of the Hicks Center. She expected just to retrieve her iPhone, and she was completely caught off guard by what she initially pulled out– an envelope with cash in it from under the couch cushions. Typed in bold on the envelope was a message that read, “If found please return to Student Commission.”

“I was taken aback,” Johnson said “I thought this was a joke, so I called over some friends to help me assess the situation of the money in the envelope.” The actual amount of the money found is not able to be reported because Johnson didn’t feel comfortable counting the money. “All I know is that it was a thick wad of cash,” Johnson said.

After Johnson called Dave Smith ’17 and Nick Marsh ’16 to the scene, the three students decided that the best thing to do would be to release the money into StuComm’s care without any tampering. “We hope that some Commissioners will be able to make the right decision about what to do with this money. I believe that there are many avenues of possibilities for them to take,” Marsh said.

Marsh also recognizes that the StuComm budget goes toward student use. “Maybe the person who left the envelope stole from StuComm or maybe they are trying to make a generous anonymous donation, not matter the reason, we are happy the money will be in the student’s hands,” said Marsh.

Since it is 10th week, the three students realized that there is not a lot of time for StuComm to put the newly found money to good use. The three students proposed to StuComm that they would help come up with a fun event that the whole campus can enjoy. “Since I am responsible for initially finding the money, I would like to have a hand in deciding that happens with it,” Johnson said.

“I’m working on proposing something very exciting for the whole student body…everyone is just going to have to wait and see, but it’s going to be great,” said Smith. Smith is a big proponent of using the money right away to quickly benefit the student body. His mission is to make the event inclusive of the whole campus.

“I want everyone to join in,” Smith said “and of course, there will be donuts.” He urges the campus to stay tuned during the end of 10th week for news about the extravaganza to be hosted by the three founders of the money with help from StuComm.

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StuComm Money is Found Under Couch Cushions