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Stavropoulos Welcomes New Challenges

(Photo Courtesy of Thania Stavropoulos)

As spring sports are beginning at K, there are few more excited for the season than sophomore lacrosse player Thania Stavropoulos ’17.

“Everything I do with the team is so special,” said Stavropoulos when she talked about how lacrosse season is finally here. She can now practice with and see her teammates everyday.

She cherishes any time she spends with her teammates, both on and off the field. She is particularly fond of game time when she gets to score goals, but says the most rewarding part is playing defense. “Fielding and playing defense as an attacker, being able to give my teammates a break is just so gratifying,” says Stavropoulos.

Last season, Stavropoulos scored nine goals and had three assists in the Hornets’ maiden season as a varsity team in the MIAA. Being a member of the first varsity team in any sport can be frustrating, but Stavropoulos says that getting out those initial kinks just took a bit of time. Now she hopes all the team’s hard work will start paying off. The Hornets beat Defiance 14-1 Friday, giving an early insight to the strides they have made since last season.

Stavropoulos comes from Bloomfield Hills, Mich. where she attended and played lacrosse for Andover High School. Outside of her love for lacrosse she has also loved music her whole life, so much so that her ultimate dream is to one day be an opera singer. Music is one of the main reasons she ended up at K.

“I applied for the ELA scholarship with singing and I got it,” says Stavropoulos.

Since coming to K she has studied voice with Professor Jim Turner. She calls him her favorite professor at K, even going as far as saying “he’s a pretty cool cat.” She says that Turner always pushes her to do her best, and even though it’s difficult, in the end it’s very rewarding.

Officially, Stavropoulos is a Political Science and Music double major with a minor in French. She has been speaking French since she was little. She hopes to study abroad in Clermont. Her interest in political science is because she likes seeing how the world works from various viewpoints.

Away from school and lacrosse, Stavropoulos likes to visit Greece with her family. In fact, one of her most notable childhood memories came from a family trip to Greece when she was 11.

She had her appendix removed on this trip to Greece, however this intense incident wasn’t the largest disappointment of the trip. Thinking back on it, Stavropoulos says, “I couldn’t go to the water park because of getting my appendix out, and I was finally tall enough to ride all of the rides. I was so mad.”

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Stavropoulos Welcomes New Challenges