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Starting Fresh in Budapest

Aleks Vizulis

Aleks Vizulis

Aleksis Vizulis, a 2015 graduate from Kalamazoo College is enjoying his post grad life by exploring his occupational options overseas.

Q: Can you talk about how you’ve spent your life since graduating from K?

I wasn’t able to get a job lined up to start immediately after graduation, so a lot of my time was spent trying to find one. I had a few phone interviews, a few actual interviews and was called back to second interviews a couple of times. I became more aware of the fact that it isn’t easy to find a job at a company you’re really interested in. I ended up widening my search and started getting less picky with where I was sending my resumé. I also began to comprehend the true breadth of the business world. It came to a point where I realized I just had to get my foot in the door somewhere, get a bit of experience, and then it would be easier sailing from there.

Q: What do you do for work now?

I’m currently in Budapest, Hungary interning with a K alumnus, Dennis Diokno ’89, at his company, FirstMed. They’re a company that provides mostly outpatient-type medical services in both English and Hungarian.

Q: How did you get into this profession?

A couple months after graduation, my old golf coach called me. He had recently reconnected with a K golf alum, Dennis, who was looking for a K business student who might be interested in interning for his company in Budapest for a few months. Coach Wilson mentioned my name, and on his recommendation I was put in touch with Dennis. Things moved fairly quickly from there, and now I find myself in the lovely city of Budapest.

Q: How applicable has your K education been to your post-grad occupation?

My study abroad experience has been hugely important in me being comfortable with accepting a job opportunity in a country I’ve never been to, nor in which I speak the language. Leading up to study abroad, I was slightly terrified of being thrust into another culture, with a different family, in a language that I wasn’t really fluent in at the time. But as the months pass, you live, learn and become more experienced. Study abroad is an amazing experience that really pushes your boundaries. It really helped me adjust to life here in Budapest quickly.

I also think that more than anything, and what is most valuable to me about my K education, is that when you look beyond the hard facts that you learn in the textbooks and classrooms of K, this school really stretches you as a person. And that’s something I’m not sure I was really aware of until after graduation. Had I not studied at K, I feel like I’d have been much more apprehensive of taking a job that would put me far outside of my comfort zone.

Q: What’s next for Aleks Vizulis?

Well, I still don’t have anything lined up post-internship, but I know that my experience here at FirstMed will be a fantastic stepping stone for whatever I do. I’m currently back in the hunt for something that I can hopefully start upon my return at the end of this year. If anyone is looking for a business grad, give me a ring!

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Starting Fresh in Budapest