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Stacks’ Night Owl, Alphonso Harris, is Drawn to Kalamazoo

A self-proclaimed night owl, Alphonso Harris can be found working the night shift starting at 4:45 pm until clean up is finished, around 1 a.m.

“I’m a night person,” said Harris. “I’m more awake at night than in the morning.”

Harris, Richardson Room night shift Deli Lead, began working at Kalamazoo College’s Richardson Room when a position became available in 2013 with Sodexo, and now works with Creative Dining. His favorite part about working in the Richardson Room is serving and growing relationships with students.

“They make me laugh most of the time, or I make them laugh but anyway there’s laughter,” said Harris.

Kalamazoo born and bred, Harris has always found himself drawn towards the area.

“I left a few times, I was in the Detroit area a couple of years,” said Harris, but his family always draws him back to the area.

Outside of work Harris is interested in watching action films, listening to the BBC show on NPR, and is an avid reader of the Index.

“I guess I want to know what’s going on,” said Harris. “I like the activism and the people that are activists I like to encourage them, I think that’s important.”

He is himself involved in activism in his community. He is a part of an anti-racism group and supports the organization by donating money and participating in walkathons.

Harris also volunteers at ‘Ministry with Community’ to work with low income and homeless persons in the Kalamazoo area. Although Harris has never been homeless, he said he is able to relate to those in need because he has experienced similar circumstances.   

“I’ve never been homeless,” said Harris. “But I’m not working here for shoes, I’m working for rent.”

Harris’s passion for activism comes from his desire to make an active change.

“I just felt like I had to have my hand in it because everybody complains about stuff but not many are making that change,” said Harris.

Harris also urges the Kalamazoo College student body to follow his example and become involved with as much activism as possible.

“I want to encourage activism here and really to do it now; when you get a ‘real job’ you won’t be able to do it as much, you gotta walk that line.”

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Stacks’ Night Owl, Alphonso Harris, is Drawn to Kalamazoo