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Stacks Has Everything Students Want

Students line up to acquire the sandwiches of their dreams. (Katie Schmitz / The Index) Students line up to acquire the sandwiches of their dreams. (Katie Schmitz / The Index)

“As I got in line, like usual, for my Stacks sandwich, I was feeling a bit melancholy because I love ciabatta bread with my turkey sandwich, but I am always told that the ciabatta is gone,” Janay Johnson K’17, avid Stacks goer, said.

But, to Johnson’s surprise, Stacks had any and every condiment, meat, cheese, and bread any Kalamazoo College student could ever want. She immediately alerted to her friends to this news and quickly grabbed her phone to make an important informational post on the K Student Body Facebook page about the plethora and smorgasbord that Stacks now had.

“I was so happy to receive that call from Janay,” Kaitlyn Courtenay K’17 said. Courtenay, a BLT lover, usually remains disappointed because she can never have the “T” (tomato) in her BLT.

“BLT’s are a great combination. It’s just sad when that combination can’t come together, but today, Stacks had so many tomatoes,” Courtenay said, who also spread the news to the campus community.

Stacks received a huge increase in customers. “The eating area was completely packed, it was such a fun time to eat a good sandwich and talk with everybody,” Johnson said. “Usually, nobody sticks around because it’s hard to have good conversation when your sandwich is missing an integral part.”

Johnson postulated that students probably have started going to Jimmy John’s over Stacks. “I believe that Jimmy John’s is their biggest competitor. They usually have anything and everything, and delivery is just so fast,” Johnson reflected.

Both Johnson and Courtenay want to express that the workers at Stacks are never to blame for the past times when Stacks had nothing. They agreed that it probably has something to do with the food supplier. “You just can’t be upset with the workers at Stacks, they greet you with a smile, and that really helps me make it through my day. We all know it’s never their fault,” Courtenay said.

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Stacks Has Everything Students Want