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Spencer Vs

Spencer vs Josh Miller

(Robert Manor / Index)

After last week’s humiliating, straight set loss to tennis star Sarah Woods ‘16, I found it very difficult to regain my motivation to continue Spencer Vs.  As I replayed our match in my head and watched myself sprint around a tennis court as Sarah barely broke a sweat, I contemplated how I would bounce back for my next challenge and regain my confidence.  Then yesterday, as I was surfing the web, I came across a quote from O.J. Simpson that really opened my eyes.  The Juice said: “The day you take complete responsibility for yourself, the day you stop making excuses, that’s the day you start to the top.”  O.J. may have fallen from grace since he said this, but his message struck home and I pledged to persevere through adversity and continue Spencer Vs.

For my second challenge, I decided to take on men’s basketball center Josh Miller ‘17.  Josh stands at towering six feet nine inches that holds his 220 pound frame.  The Hornets sophomore has been one of the MIAA breakout players of the league so far this season, averaging nine points per game and shooting 62.7 percent in league play.  His 21-point performance on seven for nine shooting against Alma this season marks his career high.  Now I, on the other hand, stand at a healthy five feet ten inches with a double-digit vertical leap on a good day, and barely came up to Josh’s shoulder as we squared off on the court.  Good thing height doesn’t matter in basketball.

Use this Shot!!

(Photo by Robert Manor)

In a similar fashion to my match against Sarah Woods, I got my first wake-up call about five seconds into my game with Josh.  As he started to dribble towards me and back me down into the paint, I realized that not only was I not going to touch the ball, I wasn’t going to get anywhere near it.  Josh opened the game with three easy layups with me jumping up and down around his elbows and trying to alter the shot in any way that I could.

Since we were playing with the one-on-one rule “make-it-take-it”, the only way that I was going to play any offense was if I could come up with a defensive stop.  Mercilessly, Josh missed a three so I got to finally touch the ball.  At this point, to be completely honest with you, I got a little cocky.  I was only down by three and I finally had the ball so I decided to drive inside and try to shoot over Josh.  Big mistake.  His block sent my ball three rows deep into the stands.  In my head, I could hear my imaginary fans booing me and throwing random objects from the stands as somewhere, Charles Barkley exclaimed “That’s turrible”.

Josh ended me quickly, finishing off his perfect 11 to nothing score line with a reverse layup.  It’s really hard to say what hurt more, the humiliation of not even scoring a point or the physical pain of Josh bearing down on me every single play.  A zero and two start is rough to start the season, but I still guarantee my fans a win before it is all said and done.

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Spencer vs Josh Miller