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Snyder opponents begin to circulate recall petition

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  1. Matthew Kufta // May 12, 2011 at 4:31 PM // Reply

    I am personally very disappointed in the objectivity of the Index. This is the third week in a row, correct me if I am wrong, that a negative article has appeared in the Index about Governor Snyder. Of all things, a recall petition that is even by its proponents said to be be highly unlikely to make it to the ballet? This is worth reporting on? This is very relevant, or even relevant at all to students at Kalamazoo College? Then mentioning how it will be circulating on May 21st and likely coming to K College? Truthfully the Index ought to just stop this whole farse of objectivity and put the recall petition in the paper as an insert.

    Frankly, this needs to stop if the Index dare calls itself Kalamazoo College’s Newspaper. If you want to call it the K College Democrat’s Mouthpiece Index, I’m all for the change. Sometimes in democracies things you don’t like happen. I don’t like Obamacare, that happened. But I wasn’t publishing articles in the Index about how his birth certificate is not valid. I could of written an article about how Obama essentially circumnavigated the legislative process by using a rarely used Reconciliation maneuver. A move that was only previously used for fiscal bills, to pass sweeping changes. I am sure a lot of people wanted him impeached for that, but I never saw an article about them. The head of the College Republicans wasn’t even quoted in this piece, probably because he was never asked his opinion.

    Index, simply put, you ought to be ashamed as your blatant lack of objectivity.

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Snyder opponents begin to circulate recall petition