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Letter to the Editor

Small Changes Provide Big Opportunity

To the editor:

You may have noticed some changes in our small corner of the internet.

Andrew Parsons, your current web editor, and I finally flipped the switch on a much-needed site refreshment. Included are performance enhancements, greatly-improved visuals, and process automation: all designed to ensure ease-of-use for the editors who deliver content and the readers who consume it.

This is no small thing.

As we move further into the internet age, websites like The Index’s will become digital arcs: concentrations of thought and media created by your peers and preserved by your scholastic descendants.

Nearly twice as many people receive their news online than in a traditional newspaper or a magazine.  At K, that number is likely far greater. The students of Kalamazoo College need and deserve an arc that works, that is worthy of pride, and that is a pleasure to visit.

We must commit to renewing our investment in that arc year after year. As I’ve gone, so too will Andrew. A new class of leaders and innovators at Kalamazoo College are a perennial necessity and I trust that there are more than enough among you to fill the void.

Working on The Index’s website brings with it the unparalleled opportunity to connect with students and alums across the globe, building upon a legacy along the way.

I hope that you enjoy our latest upgrades, and I hope you’ll be there to deliver the next round.

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Small Changes Provide Big Opportunity