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A Simple Fix to Rising College Textbook Costs

Joshua Claassens, Shawn Fair, Alex White, Angelia Evangelista, and Darryl Lewis founded Simple Fix, LLC. Photo courtesy of Joshua Claassens.

Months ago, sophomores Joshua Claassens, Shawn Fair, Alex White, Angelia Evangelista, and Darryl Lewis had a mission to help solve some of people’s problems. On February 18, they found an answer and Simple Fix, LLC was created.

“We are a powerhouse think tank that considers complex problems for the population,” Claassens said. “These simple fixes are delivered in the form of mobile applications so not only your problems go away, but the complexity of fixing them goes away too.”

“We hope to bring our society together by solving everyday problems with simple solutions,” Claassens said. One common problem amongst college students is high textbook costs. Their current project is called Book Cycle, which is a mobile application which connects students on college campuses to sell or buy textbooks in a “student inclusive market where the students set the prices, not the bookstore.”

“In this day and age, everything is getting more expensive, especially college tuition,” Claassens said. “Why put more of the financial burden on college students when it’s already so much?”

According to Claassens, another common problem with people these days is people being caught up in their phones, laptops and social media. He has even noticed people walking across the street on their phones without looking for cars. “Indirectly, we’re trying to change how people think and how people interact, because everyone’s on their phone all the time, everyone’s looking down,” Claassens said.

“What that does is prevent you from being actually social,” Claassens said. “What Book Cycle will indirectly do is encourage people to have that face-to-face interaction. You connect with someone and designate a time and location to meet, and you go there and give them the money and you get the textbook. Every interaction is a window of opportunity to establish a relationship which in turn is an opportunity to impact and change someone’s life.”

Simple Fix, LLC and Book Cycle are funded in part by personal funding, but the company is dependent on money raised through fundraisers and their investors. Book Cycle as a Google Play and App Store app is still in progress, currently being worked on by Protos Software Technology Inc.

It is set to be completed within three months, and will be for colleges and universities nationwide. There are no transaction fees for using the app. The app will be 99 cents, but Kalamazoo College students will get the app for free.

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A Simple Fix to Rising College Textbook Costs