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Silence the Noise: Living in First Year Dorms

We heard screeches in the dormitories above our heads. A group of boys live above us, and it took two weeks for my roommate, my suitemates, and I to determine whether they were pacing back and forth in high heeled shoes or if they were moving furniture around on a daily basis. As for the people below us, they play music so loud that the floor shakes.

I spent most of the summer bombarded by words of encouragement, cautionary tales, and shared excitement. But, just two weeks here at K College, I have learned about the experiences my friends and family members didn’t warn me about.

After the first few weeks with these loud students, I decided to confront the boys upstairs. At first, I wrote a passive aggressive message on a sticky note and left it on their door. I’ll admit that it was definitely more on the aggressive side, but I signed it with a heart which I decided made it okay. I acknowledged there wasn’t much I could do with the people below because they respect quiet hours. Though, I will try in the future if the trembles turn into tremors.

The following afternoon, much to my surprise, I was greeted by one of the boys from the room above me knocking on my door. We talked for a few minutes and he assured me that the loud noises were in no way coming from him or his roommate.

I apologized for my wrongful accusation, but I’m still curious about where the noises are coming from. My roommate told me that she heard a rumor that there are mice living in the ceiling. That’s an unsettling thought and it doesn’t make me feel any better. But, for now, I’m not destined to discover the true source of the noises coming from above us.

The dorm lifestyle may not be for everyone, and certainly those fearful of rodents. I’m looking forward to the glorious day when I will be able to live on my own and when I’m not constantly surrounded by hundreds of other people. But for now, I’ll leave sticky notes with hearts.

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Silence the Noise: Living in First Year Dorms