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Seniors to Represent Hornet Football in Mexico: Q&A

Kalamazoo College Football. Kalamazoo College Football.

Q [Janelle Grant]: What is the annual Taźon De Estrellas (Bowl of the Stars) Global Football program?

A [Brandon Johnson-Smith ‘17]: It’s a game that is basically trying to expand the sport of football into different parts of the word. It is put on by CETYS University in Mexicali, Mexico.

Q: Are you the only football player representing Kalamazoo College in Mexico?

A: No, Senior football players Collin Feilla, Andrew Thiede, and Sean Bauer are other players on our team that received an invitation to play as well

Q: How did you get the invitation?

A: The program invites D3 football players from D3 colleges all over the nation. It’s not really something K signs us up for, it’s just based off of the performances you have throughout your college career until you are a senior.

Brandon Johnson-Smith ’17 [Janelle Grant / The Index].

Brandon Johnson-Smith ’17 [Janelle Grant / The Index].

Q: How are the teams made up and who do you play against?

A: Well, one team is the Stars and Stripes, those from the United States, which is made up of select NCAA D3 athletes. And, then, the other team is CONADEIP All Star players from the private universities in Mexico. The head coach for the team I’m playing on, Team Stars and Stripes, is coach Don DeWaard, a former defensive coordinator from Central College in Iowa.

Q: When is the game?

A: December 17, it’s a time when universities in Mexico have off so they can enjoy the game as spectators.

Q: What do you hope to gain from this experience?

A: Well, this will be my first time going out of the country and I just want to experience being around other people from schools and a different country…that and I love playing football.

Q: Do you have any advice for underclassmen who potentially would like a spot on the team for this game in the future?

A: Contact Coach Zorbo and let him know you are interested. You could also come to me, Collin, Andrew, or Sean for pointers.

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Seniors to Represent Hornet Football in Mexico: Q&A