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Seasonal Changes: Summer Renovations

As students enjoyed their summer with their friends and family, facilities at Kalamazoo College worked rigorously to improve the campus. Some of the changes can be seen by simply walking into campus buildings, and others are more inconspicuous.

UpJohn Library

The most glaring of which is in the library where Facilities Management (FacMan) overhauled the first and second floor. For instance, movable furniture replaced the immobilized chairs and tables that dominated the first floor. FacMan also remodeled the west wall of the second floor for more study rooms.

Behind the more dynamic space on the first floor is the new Learning Center. Previously, it only housed the Research Consultant and Writing Centers, but now they welcome the BioChem Center and resources for the English as Second Language (ESL) students.

Office of Student Involvement

The Office of Student Involvement (OSI) remodeled the Hornet Hive to be more user and mobile friendly. Student Organizations events will now be more heavily integrated into the Campus Event (“Happening This Week”) column on the left of the portal.

OSI also enabled Channel 22 for mobile devices use. The service will feature better streaming speeds and more movie selections (10) each month. Students can stream movies for free at all times on movies.kzoo.edu as long as they are connected to a K network.

Furthermore, OSI moved Zoo After Dark (ZAD) from 9-12 p.m. to 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. on Saturday nights. Additionally, ZAD can now be housed in other campus locations instead of only the Hicks Center.

Office of Religious and Spiritual Life

In the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life (ORSP), the role of Student Chaplains will be replaced with the role of Interfaith Student Leaders, who will be working in smaller coordinated teams and with more focus on their individual work.

The Cavern will be welcoming students Monday through Thursday, and no longer Sunday nights because they were the most unpopular option.

On-Campus Living

Facilities Managment (FacMan) and Residential Life (ResLife) overhauled and renovated Hoben Hall and two Living and Learning House Units (LLHU). ResLife also added one more LLHU to K’s arsenal, making a total of 10 LLHUs around campus.

The Guest Policy was changed to enhance K students’ and their guest’s safety and security. Students can view the update guest policy.

Dining Services

The Dinning Services department added a new meal plan for LLHU, a rice counter in the Well’s Dinning Hall, and plans to serve Greek yogurt at all meals.


A new boardwalk was installed in the Arboretum to facilitate accessibility for students doing field and lab work.

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Seasonal Changes: Summer Renovations