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Revitalizing a Student Organization: Women’s Spirituality

Stetson Chapel Stetson Chapel

Student organization leaders, CeCe Ringo ’19 and Liz Martin ’17, have worked to make their organization a comfortable space with steady group membership. “Our title is pretty misleading. It’s not necessarily just a women’s group and we’re not very spiritual,” Martin explained. “The name was given to us by last year’s leaders.”

Women’s Spirituality, or as the group calls themselves, WoSpit, had much rebuilding to accomplish for this academic year. “The bulk of the group last year was sophomores and seniors. So, they either graduated or went abroad for their junior year,” Martin said. According to Martin, there is a core group that attends WoSpit weekly that can reach up to 20 students and what sets WoSpit a part from other organizations is their large number of returning members.

“It took a lot of rebuilding to get members to come regularly,” Martin said. At the beginning of the year WoSpit members tabled at K-Fest and relied on word of mouth to encourage K students to come to their meetings. “Basically, we dragged as many of our friends to come [to WoSpit] and eventually our friends would bring their friends,” Martin said.

Martin also said that an effective method was seeing friends on campus and truly making them feel like you wanted to see them at the meeting. “And, remind them,” Martin said. The leadership did not rely on social media to advertise as the organization just created a Facebook page last week. “Ask people about their week and how they are, we [as an organization] aren’t just interested in your attendance, but we are interested in you as a person,” Martin said. “Be a [student organization] leader who wants friends.”

Izzie Kerivan ’17, a senior who joined WoSpit, offered advice for organizations who are looking to increase their membership. “I don’t feel like I’m at a club meeting, but it feels like I’m just hanging out with my friends,” Kerivan said.

While at WoSpit, attendees sit in a circles and have a conversation for about an hour. The leaders, Ringo and Martin, offer up a question for discussion. This allows for the group to get to know each other on a personal level, but also have a time of reflection of a specific topic. For example, last week, the organization discussed the question: what motivates you and what helps you achieve?

Ringo and Martin are still working to fully revitalize WoSpit. “We know our title isn’t the best for an inclusive space, and we are still trying to define our organization’s identity in a way that isn’t exclusive, but offers a comfortable space,” Martin said. “We’re open to people who identify as a woman, gender non-conforming, and people who are okay with a space that identifies as primarily a women’s space.”

Join WoSpit for their weekly conversation on Wednesdays at 7PM in the Cavern area of the Chapel. Next week’s topic is “where is home?” Feel free to contact Liz Martin for any details about the student organization.

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Revitalizing a Student Organization: Women’s Spirituality