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Remembering My Parents on Parents’ Weekend

My parents didn’t come with me on my college visit. They weren’t here on move-in day.  I made it through my sweet 16, high school graduation, turning 18, becoming an adult and many other milestones without them around, and I wasn’t expecting college to be much different. I was wrong.

My parents are dead. I have no problem talking about it because it’s the truth.

Parent’s weekend is quickly approaching, and I can tell that not having them here is going to affect me much more than I had originally thought.

Moving in to my dorm and adjusting to life “on my own” wasn’t that hard for me, because I have been on my own for a while now. But it was strange to see how many kids were struggling with the transition.

So many first years went crazy with dorm parties and loud music, while others were hopelessly trying to figure out how to wash their own laundry. I was stuck in between feeling like I was missing out of this sudden burst of newfound freedom, and feeling relieved that I knew how to operate a washing machine on my own.

Lately, I have noticed everyone is already being reprimanded by their parents for their choice of major, or being bombarded by tearful phone calls from lonely parents. In a weird way I envy them. I wish someone was yelling at me, or saying that they’re proud of me for being here, or that I had someone to call and share my new exciting experiences with. I know I still have friends and other family members, but it’s different.

Over the weekend my roommate reminded me that this is a school where many people are from out of state, or out of the country. Being in separate time zones from family members can be hard for anyone. I’m sure they are familiar with the feeling of not being able to share your stories with the right people. Even though everyone is making new friends while they are here, there is something different about being able to call home.

Just remember: not everyone is in the same situation as you. If your parents aren’t coming for parents weekend, try to make plans with other friends or family members, and remember that winter break really isn’t that far away.

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Remembering My Parents on Parents’ Weekend