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Remembering Jack Flynn

Kalamazoo College Baseball Roster Archives 2014 Jack Flynn

Jack Flynn, a 3/2 engineering student, who was set to pursue his goal at Michigan Tech this upcoming Fall, will be greatly missed on two college campuses.

On Kalamazoo College’s campus he will be missed by peers, professors, faculty, teammates, and friends. On Michigan Tech’s campus, according to Dr. Tom Askew, they will miss out on a great emerging engineer whose interest in the subject did not waiver.

Dr. Arthur Cole had the pleasure of working with Flynn in class, “when I walk into the classroom or lab, I will remember Jack because he was not afraid to answer questions in the classroom or work through challenging problems in lab.”

“I was Jack’s advisor since his major was 3/2 engineering,” said Dr. Tom Askew. “Jack was curious, fearless, and interested in building things – especially vehicles.  That, plus some skill with math, makes a great engineer.”

Flynn was also a member of the K baseball team. Teammate, Steven Simmons ’17, noticed his positivity on and off the baseball diamond.

“He had nothing but positive impacts on his friends and team at K. He will always be remembered for his sense of humor and his very friendly personality,” Simmons said.

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    It is Dr. Tom Askew. Also, please do something for the photo. I am sure many people would like to see a clear face of him.

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      Thanks for reaching out to us. We’ve updated the article with the correct professor names and have uploaded a higher quality photo.
      We’re still working on getting article images to display correctly. Unfortunately our content management system is forcing a centered crop and a reduced quality image preview, but we’re planning to resolve the issue in the coming weeks.

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Remembering Jack Flynn