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Social Justice

Protest and Peace

Recently the events in Charlotte and Tulsa involving police brutality have caused social unrest around the country. Close to home, an unidentified student or group of students decided to graffiti racial slurs on a wall of an Eastern Michigan University school building, King Hall. The school vowed to look into it, but their investigation didn’t amount to anything.

“It caused black students to feel unsafe and angry with not only the suspect but the school and its lack of action,” said Tori Moore, current freshman at EMU. Students took to the streets protesting and wearing all black to support the Black Lives Matter movement. They marched to the president of the school’s house to discuss what action would be taken.

Students involved in fraternities and sororities on Eastern’s campus are spray painting their houses with phrases such as “unarmed,” and “RIP Terrence Crutcher,” showing their support for the BLM movement on a national level as well.

People who believe that millennials can’t stand up for change are just afraid of what that change entails. College campuses are the perfect birthplace for reform. Whether it be through art, picketing, or any other way you choose, make sure to fight for what you believe in; at the end of the day the future is in your hands.

The students intend on continuing to protest until they feel they are being taken care of.

As a student at K, you can make a difference as well. Although there has not been the type of blatant racism seen at EMU at K, does not make it perfect. There will always be something that needs to be stood up for. Recently there were picketers holding gross signs discouraging people from supporting Planned Parenthood and being pro-choice. If that is something that appeals to you, go to your local city hall, get permits to picket and stand up for the right to choose. Kalamazoo is not free of problems by any means, take the homeless population for example. If you feel the local government isn’t doing enough to help them or find a solution, make a change by protesting at government buildings or creating groups to help advocate your causes. K College has a variety of options to help you, namely the Arcus Center of Social Justice. It’s in the name, social justice is what they’re all about so stop in and ask someone how they can help you make a difference not only in Kalamazoo, but society as a whole.

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Protest and Peace