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Professors Deal with Abundace of Snow Days

Students at K love a good and unexpected snow day, and never think of the professors’ perspectives on the day off. Professor of Japanese Language and Literature, Dr. Roselee Bundy and Professor of Chemistry, Dr. Jeffery Bartz, both believe that snow days are a good thing, but it can set things back with the quarter system.

“Having several [snow days] in a term can really affect the schedule. Three snow days is like a week of class for a three day a week class,” Bundy said.

When students get that esteemed phone call cancelling classes; it’s a huge relief. Students never really associate a snow day with work or stress, but Dr. Bundy shares that it could be potentially stressful for a professor, especially with shoveling the loads of snow which is something most K students don’t have to worry about on campus.

“If it is really important to cover [a certain amount of] material by the end of the term, I cut a movie out of one of my classes because of this last snow day in order to fit other things in. So snow days aren’t always a good thing,” Bundy said.

Dr. Bundy finds herself shoveling snow, catching up on work, or writing things like quizzes or recommendations.

“Doesn’t really qualify for fun, but it is nice to catch up. If I had nothing else to do—never happens—I would go snow shoeing!” Bundy said.

On snow days, the campus closes except for necessary staff like the employees in Facilities Management and Dining Services.

“I think we should remember food service people and Facilities Management people who have to come to work regardless.” Bundy said.

Dr. Bartz declared that for this term we will be behind, “Losing a day to weather mucks things up,” Bartz said.

Dr. Bartz’s classroom runs on a flipped lecture which requires students to do online work outside of class, and he still expects students to complete their work even if class does not meet.

Enjoying snow days is a definite perk of going to school in Western Michigan, and it allows students to do other work or catch up on extra sleep.

Dr. Bartz concludes that “even professors like snow days.” It’s something that is inevitable and while professors may end up having to catch up on work or shovel their driveways, they chose to make the best of it.

“Unless we build a campus in Arizona for Winter Quarter classes, snow days will be with us,” Bartz said.

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Professors Deal with Abundace of Snow Days