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Presidential Hiring Committee Lacking in Student Voices

Last week the entire campus received an influx of e-mails from various places on campus telling us about the resignation of our president, Eileen Wilson-Oyelaran.

After the initial shock of the announcement from students, the next question on everyone mind was who was going to represent the entire student body on the council.

The group of individuals responsible for electing the next president consists of seven members of the board of trustees, three faculty and staff members, one alumnus, and one student.

The fact that the entire student body, one that the college advertises as coming from a variety of different backgrounds and experiences, is supposed to be expressed in only one student is completely ludicrous.

The president of the college will be in charge of several different aspects that affect first and foremost the students at this institution.

While any decision they make will impact the board of trustees, faculty and staff, as well as alumni, the largest impacts will be to those of us paying $50 thousand a year to get an education.

To have the voices of the student body represented through one fourteenth of the decision-making team completely under-represents us, and it unacceptable.

When student commission was in session, we didn’t elect a president and expect them to be attentive to the needs of every department. We elected several other student commission members that were attentive to different departments and, although problematic, still gave us an increased number of perspectives and voices.

The person who takes over as our college president will be making changes that are incredibly important to our lives. How can we expect that one student will be able to represent the diverse experiences of the student body? We as students have the highest at stake with a new president, and that needs to be represented in the committee.

I suggest the addition of at least two more students to the board, so we at least represent the college to the same extent the faculty and staff do. I also believe that one of the members should be a student of color.

Due to the events that have transpired on this campus in the last few months, it is more important than ever that the voices of students of color that are so often ignored are an integral part of this dialogue.

The work the newly elected president does should be in accordance with the needs of the increasing number of students of color on this campus.

Student voices need to be heard, and expecting one student to be able to effectively do that is nonsensical. If the administration truly believes that students have a say in the way our school is run, then we need to have more representation.

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Presidential Hiring Committee Lacking in Student Voices