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Physical Health and Nutrition LLH Advocates Active Living

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The Physical Health and Nutrition Living Learning House advocates active living, and their members are working on recognizing topics that are popular within workout and sports culture at Kalamazoo College.

House member Hassan Turk K’17 said a Living Learning House is a family. “[Together] we promote a wholesome body,” he said. His house is important to campus, and he is excited to present his idea of a wholesome body through entertainment. He urges students to follow their Facebook page, Physical Health and Nutrition Living Learning House, for information on future events.

The house events are not only fun, but they will give strategies on how to stay in shape and live healthier. Ian Kay ’17 said “Nutrition and fitness are important because it will keep your body functioning at a high level which decreases chances for diseases. It also helps you stay mentally focused and gives you energy.”

Women’s Tennis Coach Mark Murphy said it would be both productive and beneficial for students to participate the Nutrition and Fitness Living Learning House’s events. He reasoned, “I strongly believe that eating a quality diet and taking care of yourself will give you the best chance to be successful in and out of the classroom.”

Student Ian Kay said “I like to stay in shape by lifting at the gym and playing soccer in my free time.” Members can also be found reading up on what they eat/drink, working out in the gym, and playing intramural soccer. The Living Learning House doesn’t just promote the idea of healthy living—they have set an example.

At Kalamazoo College students want to have a good academic career and socialize, but academics and social calendars can be hard to maximize when dealing with poor health and nutrition. “Studies have shown that mental focus and productivity are promoted by physical activity,” Coach Murphy said. “I believe that both are crucial to getting the most out of yourself and Kalamazoo College.”

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Physical Health and Nutrition LLH Advocates Active Living