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Phonathon Pheelings

It is that time of year again. The Kalamazoo College Phonathon is back in action to bring more revenue into the college. Having worked for the Phonathon myself, I can honestly say it is a job you will love a times, and hate at others. The main reason for this variance is who you are calling. Realistically, a minimum of half the alums (and parents of alums) will not even answer. Of the half who do answer, fifty percent will say no. However, with a bit of convincing you may change a few of their minds. The aspect I always found the most conflicting about Phonathon was calling recent alums. A large portion of those recent alums have student loans to pay off.

To call those people asking for them to give money to a school that charged them up to fifty-thousand dollars a year feels a bit cruel. Most of the money the Phonathon makes is from the large donors who give large sums of money regularly. With all these donations and the high tuition rate in mind, it makes me wonder where the money goes. Of course it covers staff, maintenance, food, and other educational necessities (for the most part). However, where does the remaining money go? Students have been asking for better handicap accessibility for years among many other things. As things usually go, these questions students have will likely go ignored (at best answered in an unsatisfactory manner).

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Phonathon Pheelings