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Peformance Accentuates Low-Key Space

Braeden Rodriguez K’16 dons the name Voidself as he debuted his first performance at Satellite Records last night. As a chemistry major, he doesn’t find much time to make music unless he has something to study for. “I make music when I procrastinate,” he said.

Somewhere between noise and ambience, he finds soundscapes. Rodriguez is listed under his SoundCloud name Fractal Goat, and many of his projects seem inspired by Brian Eno’s works. In other songs, his beats are hypnotic. One song “wasteland (w/ Ohesion)” builds up until a dissonant buzz infiltrates the ears. The long “Enso” sounds cinematic, similar to an M83, but remains contemplative throughout its structure.

His music is improvisational when he performs live. Beforehand, he said he was “a little nervous, but a excited.” He performs by using a laptop, a music program called Ableton, and a launchpad that triggers different artist-assigned musical cues.

He will be playing at Stetson Chapel during the evening of Friday, May 8, thanks to a music showcase stringed together by Daniel Michelin ’18.

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Peformance Accentuates Low-Key Space