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OSI Hosts its First “Ted Talk Tuesday”

On Tuesday October 6, the Kalamazoo College Office of Student Involvement hosted the first Ted Talk Tuesday.

Kate Yancho, the Assistant Director of Student Involvement, who facilitated this event, said the idea for this “hit her this summer,” and stemmed from the TedX event that occurred last year.

“It would be awesome to [spur new] discussions from [last year’s] TedX within this community,” Yancho said.

Every Tuesday OSI helps different departments facilitate events like this one in which there is a movie showing that will stimulate discussions regarding a variety of topics. This Tuesday the Ted Talks centered on the theme of leadership to coincide with the recently started Hornet Leader Jumpstart series of workshops.

There were four Ted Talks shown and directly following each one, Yancho facilitated a discussion about the different aspects of leadership shown in the video and how it relates to student’s lives at K.

In the first Ted Talk, David Sivers explained that, “the first follower is what transforms a lone nut into a leader.” After the video, Yancho facilitated a discussion regarding what is takes to be a leader. “[To be a leader, you have to] follow and show others how to follow,” Yancho said.

However, according to the second video, what it means to be a leader has changed into something that has to impact the world. “We can impact peoples lives in so many ways,” Yancho said.“[It’s] the little things that make a difference.”

The last two talks related to other aspects of leadership, mindfulness, and being wrong. The discussions afterwards allowed participants to see how each topic is needed for leadership. “Mindfulness is part of self-care,” Yancho said after the video. “[It’s] hard to be an effective leader if you aren’t taking care of yourself.”

According to the last video, there is a misconception of being wrong in this world. Yancho explained that being wrong is fine, “[you have to] fail gracefully and own it.”

“Culturally at K and in the U.S. ‘I messed up’ [is not an option],” Yancho continued. “[As a leader, you have to be] a role model for others [to show] that it’s OK to be wrong.”

These Ted Talk Tuesdays can be on any topic, OSI “facilitates [the] logistics” for the students and organizations who plan it, Yancho said. If you are interested in hosting a Ted Talk Tuesday, contact Kate Yancho.

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OSI Hosts its First “Ted Talk Tuesday”