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OSI Hosts First Leadership Summit

The first annual Hornet Leadership Summit was hosted by the Office of Involvement (OSI) in the Hicks Student Center on Saturday, April 4. The all-day (9 a.m.–3 p.m.) event was intended to promote group development for student organizations, and all student groups were required to send at least one representative to the summit.

The event was also open to all K College students, and many took the opportunity to learn about leadership.

“I didn’t originally represent an organization,” said Andrea Pruden ’16. “But I filled in for some organizations that didn’t have representatives present.”

The summit included complimentary breakfast and lunch, and began with a keynote speech from Sara Lowery, a Leadership Speaker for Campuspeak, an organization that provides educational workshops and speakers to colleges and universities.

Lowery discussed her own experiences with leadership, as well as what could potentially block leaders from acting. She asked student participants “What are you willing to work for?” and left many students with a lasting impression.

“I thought Sara Lowery was a great speaker,” said Quinby Hunter ’16. “She provided useful information to attendees about how to make sure a StuOrg is fulfilling its goals.”

After the keynote address, students were then required to attend at least two informational sessions and a quarterly update for student organization leaders. Sessions covered many topics, including how to stay positive and get things done in a student organization, effective communication skills, organization tips, and time management, among other things.

“I attended a session which tackled how to be competent an interview and how to answer interview questions in which you are supposed to refer to previous experiences,” said Hunter. “I have always found those the most difficult to answer. After the workshop I feel as though I have more skills that will allow me to more effectively prepare for an interview.”

While many students found the sessions informative, others were less than thrilled about the mandatory quarterly update.

“I disliked having to attend the mandatory StuOrg leader session,” Hunter said. “As someone who keeps up to date with what is coming out of OSI, the material presented in that session was not anything new. I keep hoping that OSI will offer written documentation about important events and dates that leaders can read, instead of having to repeatedly hear about how to submit a budget request.”

Many students expressed satisfaction with the summit as a whole, and an interest in the summit continuing.

“I thought the event, as a whole, was successful. The keynote speaker was particularly good, and the panels appealed to a range of leaders and provided guidance on topics which are sometimes hard to understand,” said Pruden. “I think with some slight adjustments to the events and schedule, it could be a very helpful and successful event in the future.”

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OSI Hosts First Leadership Summit