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OSI Adapts to Evolving Needs of Campus

Kalamazoo College is one of the first college campuses across the country to provide online entertainment recourse for its students. Movies.kzoo.edu or channel 22 online, debuted last year.

Since the website began, one of the main adaptations are commercials before the movies. The commercials are related to campus issues such as bystander intervention, consent, healthy lifestyle tips and sexual assault prevention.   

Mark Campbell II, graduate assistant for the Office of Student Involvement explained the OSI’s goal of the commercials.

“Hopefully students see it as a learning tool for situations that happen in the commercials,” said Campbell, “They are short, less than a minute. You can not skip the commercials.”

The commercials are produced on college campuses and are used by colleges and universities throughout the United States in other formats, specifically educational purposes. K College is using to add an additional component to issues that are happening around campus, explained Campbell.

Computer science major Preston’ 18  explained the convenience of the website, “I’m glad to see the movies online for more convenient access.”

Future adaptations to the site will include solutions to minor glitches in the movies and the overall appearance.

“We’re always trying to make the website aesthetically pleasing,” said Campbell.

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OSI Adapts to Evolving Needs of Campus