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On the Value of Study Away

For students not interested in leaving the country, Study Away provides an alternative allowing students to explore a new area of life and experience new situations outside of the “K Bubble.”

“Study Away Program is especially important for the international students who may want to explore the United States some more instead of visiting another country or students who find themselves or their parents not wanting them to travel overseas, “ said Joseph Brockington, an Associate Provost in the Center for International Programs (CIP).

Kalamazoo College currently offers five different Study Away Programs each allowing students to earn up to three units that apply toward graduation requirements. In addition, students gain valuable hands-on experience in their field of interest through research, internships, or lab work.

The Oak Ridge Science Semester in Tennessee enables students to join ongoing investigations at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in researcher areas such as astrophysics, cell biology, parallel computing, robotics, toxicology, and much more.

The Philadelphia Center offers undergraduate students of all majors the opportunity to thrive through experiential education. Students explore career paths through real-world applications and rigorous, seminar-style courses. Mimi Strauss ’17 is in the program and has observed that the city fully integrates the city into the learning plan, internship, and classes in hopes of providing students with the fullest possible experience.

Strauss explains that fully investing oneself into the program is key. “There are so many things that can contribute to one’s life, and there are many different ways to learn from experience, you just have to be aware of what’s happening around you.”

The New York Arts Program offers students an opportunity to advance their creative and critical skills in the media arts, performing arts, or visual arts. Students will also gain professional experience through a combination of internships, seminars, and individual advising. Kyle Lampar ’17 recently got accepted to the New York Arts Program.

Lampar is currently deciding between two different institutions the program has to offer. The choice is between the Lee Strasberg Institute for Film and Theatre, which would provide better insight at different methods of acting, or work for the Ensemble Studio Theatre where he would be able to work hands-on with the production and business side of the theater.

The Border Studies Program combines rigorous academic study, practical on-site learning, travel seminars and structured reflection in a semester. Based in Tucson, Ariz. the program facilitates the examination of issues related to migration, human rights, globalization, food systems, and the environment.

Newberry Seminar in the Humanities enables students to become fellows of their Library community in Chicago. Though it’s a graduate-level semester course, it’s designed for undergraduates in the liberal arts. Students participate in independent study and research while working closely with professors and scholars from around the world.

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On the Value of Study Away