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Off Kilter Talent Show Facilitates Community

Off Kilter Talent Show Off Kilter Talent Show

Last Saturday, the Interfaith Student Leaders hosted an “off kilter” talent show in the Chapel which featured students doing funny, weird, interesting, confusing, and great talents. Mason Higby ’17, an Interfaith Student Leader, finds these type of events useful to the campus community.

“Since it was right after World Night, we had a huge crowd rush in and we ended up having to wait 30 minutes to start the show so everyone could have a chance to be seated,” Higby said.

Higby watched many peers go take time out of their busy class schedules to advertise and create this event. Higby noted that initially getting people to participate in the talent show was a concern, but during the actual performance once the crowd, it wasn’t a problem and people in the audience even stepped up to share their “talents”.

Overall, attendance to the talent show was more than initially expected, which is something Higby would like to see when StuOrgs and other campus organizations host events. “Leaders put in a lot of effort and enthusiasm when planning these events, they breed community. I mean, you usually get free food and great entertainment…what more could you ask for?” Higby said.

The Off Kilter Talent Show kept the audience entertained. Izzie Kervian ’17 did not plan on going to the event because she felt that not many people would attend, but in the end, she is glad that she went. “It was a nice surprise to see what seemed like a bigger crowd than expected. It made it more fun to sit in the audience and talk to people about the different acts,” Kerivan said.

“Although some events were definitely unusual, it was still fun to laugh along with your neighbor. These events should definitely be taken with more seriousness as a community builder,” Kerivan said.

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Off Kilter Talent Show Facilitates Community