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No Support For Juniors Not on Study Abroad

As of Sunday of week three, I have been to two junior reunions and I’ve heard of many more. While it has been nice to reconnect with people who went on study abroad, and who can complain about free food, I needed this more fall quarter.

As a junior who stayed at K this year, I knew three things for certain: I was going to get into every class I wanted, I was going to get lots of hours at the coffee shop, and all my close friends were thousands of miles away leaving me to fend for myself.

I walked into fall quarter like a first year again, but this time without an orientation or a seminar to ground me. I felt very isolated, and because all of the juniors on campus did too, it was hard to find a place to fit in.

While first years were making friends during orientation, sophomores already had their cliques, and seniors were too busy with SIPs to notice us, I felt very isolated from the K community.

If we could have had more “reunions” like the ones we’ve had this quarter, I’m sure it would have benefited many juniors sticking around Kzoo.

Many of us are spread throughout the campus and off, in different departments, and different lunch schedules, so finding a place where we could all come together and note how many of us were actually here, would have made me feel less alone.

While there was one very underpopulated attempt by the Junior class dean—which I fully commend and wish I could have attended—there was not enough an attempt by any department to take care of the juniors that were still on campus.

Just finding a space where we could all come together, and know who was on campus, I’m sure I would have created more connections. A simple departmental get-together meet and greet during common time would be a great way to connect juniors to each other.

While things ended up well enough for me, meaning I did not spend junior fall and winter quarters hidden away in my room like a spinster, it was not thanks to the college. I’m not asking for a personal advisor or a mandatory meeting, just more opportunities to try and bring the junior class together while we try and figure out where we fit in as juniors at K.

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No Support For Juniors Not on Study Abroad