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No Decision Made on Fate of Student Commission

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Student Commission (StuComm) President Cameron Goodall ’15 announced there was currently no decision on whether to dissolve the Commission in the Hicks Banquet Hall in front of nearly 100 people last Monday night.

The town hall style meeting lasted an hour and a half and allowed audience members to raise their hands and offer thoughts. The discussion primarily revolved around people’s previous experiences with StuComm, how StuComm could be restructured and whether the StuComm should be completely dissolved.

“There are still processes to be done and still conversations to be had,” Goodall said. “Working through that friction and getting the best results is what this is for.” This was why he opened the meeting before opening the floor to anyone else who wanted to talk.  Although it was officially a Commission meeting, many of those speaking and expressing their views were just normal students.

Many concerns were brought up by audience members throughout the night. The popular ones included: StuComm should advocate with students not for them, what the Commission’s role is on campus and why people perceive the organization as inaccessible.

“It doesn’t seem that student government here in this structure is necessary,” said one member of the audience. This was echoed by many other audience members.  Another speaker said, “It seems like they [Student Commission] are just doing something for the sake of doing it.” A feeling of frustration was expressed by the student body audience throughout the meeting.

Despite coming together to discuss potential dissolution of the Commission, some Commissioners still thought differently. “I don’t think we should dissolve because we aren’t taking full advantage of Student Commission the way it is right now,” said Commissioner Christopher Cribbs ’17.  Cribbs’ sentiments were in the minority, however.

Near the end of the meeting, Goodall took an informal poll of the audience to see their views on whether to dissolve the current Commission or not. The vote was overwhelmingly in favor of dissolving the current Commission. More than three quarters of the audience raised their hands in favor of dissolving while only about five raised their hands in favor of keeping it the way it is.

After declaring that there was no final decision on dissolving the Commission, Goodall concluded, “We’re working on big changes right now. Figuring out what things have to be done. That is something we’re still working with.”

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No Decision Made on Fate of Student Commission